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The difference between ordinary and EXTRAORDINARY ~ is a little something extra! We call it “Lagniappe” in Louisiana. Daddy’s Seasonings will help you create delicious food for your friends and family. It’s been our family’s secret for many years. Daddy’s Seasonings will help make you an “Instant Success” on the grill & in the kitchen.

Born in Louisiana, my Daddy was raised on simple homemade Cajun foods. It all began with great Southern recipes and Daddy’s blend of spices & seasonings. The secret recipe for Daddy’s Seasoning started at Mr. Poochie’s deer camp back in the deep woods & murky waters of the Atchafalya Basin back in 1963. Cajun flavors from basic ingredients that taste of a much more simple time in life. There’s always a bottle in our kitchen & we’ve been using it on everything we cook ever since.

daddys-cajunIn our home, we sprinkle it on everything ~ from brisket, pork, chicken, fish, deer & game to popcorn, fresh veggies, french fries or just ordinary rice & beans ~ it gives each dish that little something extra to make it extraordinary!

Our products are Gluten Free and contain No MSG!

Thank you for trying Daddy’s Seasonings. We hope you enjoy it on every dish you prepare. But watch out – the more you use and the longer you cook it, the hotter it gets!

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