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A Daddy's Seasonings Success Story: Laine's Hallmark

A Daddy's Seasonings Success Story: Laine's Hallmark

Being located in Nacogdoches, TX, we've always felt a special connection to our friends at Laine's. They've been a staple of our community ever since we can remember, selling seasonal cards, birthday gifts and adorable clothing. Daddy's Seasonings has been a part of their line up since 2018, and they have sold the absolute FOOL out of it ever since. Because we want the same for all our retailer's and because we believe our product is an excellent choice for any occasion, we wanted to share some of Laine's tips and tricks (as well as some of our own) for making Daddy's Seasonings fly off your shelves. For all this information, we sat down with Laine's owner, Tammy Stanaland Alders and all her expertise.



Sampling is always king when is comes to promoting food products. Online, we sample with our eyes, with scrumptious food photography and branded recipes. In person though, we have the opportunity to present customers with a fully-rounded, REAL taste of our product. Some of our go-tos include Magic Dust Sopapilla Cheesecake and Gonzo's Brisket, but more often than not, we prefer the ease of popcorn and cocktail shrimp. For Laine's, sampling during their holiday open house provides customers with a taste of the product and an excellent reason to purchase Daddy's Seasonings. While "frequent sampling isn't conducive to [their] store environment," according to Tammy, sampling for special occasions (such as their open house), as well as recommending products based on how they cook with Daddy's is a valuable alternative. So, try picking a couple holidays a year to try sampling, and make it easy by doing it your way! In the meantime, make sure to show the vibrancy of Daddy's Seasonings and our flavors through "eye-catching displays" as recommended by Tammy and by pairing the seasoning with "items that complement Daddy's, such as grill mitts, aprons and...utensil sets." Like Laine's, show customers that Daddy's is the piece to complete your customers grilling and kitchen needs. 


Jordan Bryant, Sean Ericson and Jack Bryant handing out samples and representing Daddy's Seasonings at Laine's annual Holiday Open House. 



Not only is Daddy's great for holiday gifts, but according to Tammy, Daddy's Seasonings also does well for them "as a Father's Day gift and as a men's birthday gift." For them, the more interesting choice, however, is selling Daddy's Seasonings as "the man's gift for weddings or a couples shower, accompanied by grilling [or kitchen] utensils." And it isn't just men for whom Daddy's is made. We also think that Daddy's makes the perfect hostess gifts for parties and showers. Whether stand alone or grouped with a cheese board, Daddy's Seasonings will make a perfect addition to host's kitchen. Selling Daddy's for these collective occasions means that our product can be sold year-round, folks. Yes, that means every month, week and day of the year. So, follow Laine's lead and be sure to think outside the box when finding the right occasions to sell Daddy's.



Most of our retailers like to market Daddy's for men. It is called Daddy's Seasonings, after all. However, we know from working in retail that the main consumer force driving our businesses is women. While men are usually the recipients of our product, women are the ones doing the buying. At Laine's, their experience echoes this sentiment, saying that their typical Daddy's customer is "women buying [the seasoning] as a gift." What's different though, is that "the recipient of the gift (man or woman) [is] usually [the one who] returns to purchase for themselves [again]." That said, Daddy's Seasonings is a great way to bring men on board as store customers, while it keeping women coming back!    


Laine's owner, Tammy Stanaland Alders and her right-hand lady, Jessica Rucker, visiting Tom "Daddy" Roberts at the Daddy's Seasonings booth at Dallas Market.

Laine's provides a great example of the myriad ways that Daddy's Seasonings can be sold, and we are thankful for their continued support. Keep on selling, Laine's. We proud to have you be a part of the family. 

For more information on Laine's Hallmark, be sure to visit their Facebook page here. And if you would like to be featured on our monthly newsletter, let us know by filling out this form. We'd love to know all of your successes and insights when it comes to Daddy's Seasonings! 

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