Day 1

It was a cold & rainy day in East Texas – but it was one of the best days ever for all of us here at Daddy’s Seasonings! These are some pictures from the arrival of our latest shipment of Daddy’s Seasonings ~ Original, Magic Dust & Spicy Cajun along with great new sample packs… Oh what fun…
You can purchase online through our store or shoot us an email from the website and we can invoice you… it adds that “little something extra” that makes every dish taste amazing!
Don’t forget to join our email list while you are there! Lots of exciting things are happening so stay tuned for more to come… follow us on Facebook @ Daddy’s Seasonings, twitter @DaddysJB5 or Etsy @ DaddysSeasonings.
(Pictured are Steve & Leisha Bryant, Jody Domingue & Tom “Daddy” Roberts)

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