The Legend

Daddy-in-CharacterWe tried for months to choose a name for the seasoning. In the meantime, friends & family were requesting “… more of your Daddy’s seasonings”. Late one night, after hours of creative thinking and a huge family brainstorming session, someone suggested “Why not just call it Daddy’s since that is what everyone calls it anyway. Friends and family would always ask when we were going to be making some more of Daddy’s seasoning, so we started making extra and passing it along it plastic bags or giving it away as special gifts. And that is how Daddy’s Seasonings got from our kitchen to yours. Enjoy!


Here’s the legend as my Daddy told it to us growing up… Deep in the woods of the Atchafalya, in the darkest corner, was Mr. Poochie’s deer camp. It was his home. Each fall, the men would return to the deer camp, sharing stories, preparing for the morning’s big hunt and enjoying louisiana-deerMr. Poochie’s delicious meals. My Daddy grew up hunting these woods. In the evenings, they would gather around the campfire and share their stories into the wee hours of the morning.

Mr. Poochie had a way with food. It seemed he could cook anything and make it taste delicious. As Daddy grew, he often helped him with the evening meal, learning all he could from this master chef – he enjoyed preparing the day’s catch.

Each year, Daddy would ask what his secret was… and each year Mr. Poochie swore he’d never tell! Daddy has hunted at the deer camp most of his life. Each year upon arrival at the old camp, Daddy helped Mr. Poochie make a batch of his secret seasoning to bring home. But he NEVER shared the ingredients in this magical blend.


It was Daddy’s freshman year at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana. Mr. Poochie called him one afternoon to make sure that Daddy would be coming to the deer camp that fall. Mr. Poochie, now upwards of 94 years old, lived alone in the woods of the Basin for most of his life as he had no family. His family was the hunters who came and went each year.

deercampCookWhen Daddy arrived at the deer camp in the fall of 1963, he could see the old man wasn’t getting around like he used to. That year, Mr. Poochie let Daddy do most of the cooking (under his close supervision of course). As everyone packed to leave, Daddy couldn’t help but wonder how Mr. Poochie would get along by himself after they’d all gone. After saying his goodbyes and telling Mr. Poochie to call if he needed anything, Daddy loaded the truck to leave. As he was pulling away, Mr. Poochie offered his hand to Daddy for what would be the last time. With this final handshake, Mr. Poochie entrusted this young man of 18 years with his secret recipe, making him vow to never reveal it’s ingredients.


For almost 50 years, Daddy has carried that original recipe in his wallet, referring to it only when it was time to make a new batch of seasonings. In 1984, my Daddy was flying home from a business trip and came across a quote ~ “The secret to success is in your back pocket”. It was a couple of years later, he would realize the significance that quote would have on his life as he’d been carrying Mr. Poochie’s recipe in his wallet all these years.

Daddys-montage-flatGrowing up, there was always a bottle of Daddy’s on our table. We’ve been sharing Daddy’s for more than 40 years. During the holidays we’ve always shared it with our business associates & customers. In college, we most of our friends & roommates were “hooked” on it! It seems everyone who has tried it has grown to love it as much as we do. Simple flavors of the south that gives dishes that little something extra.

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